How To Take Apart A Handheld Shower Head|Expert Guide

Is your shower not giving you the performance it intended to? The reasons could be it requires cleaning from the inside, flow restrictor and some parts need a replacement, or the entire system needs changing.

To inspect the problem, you may need to disassemble a showerhead. But the next question that strikes your mind will be, How can I take apart a handheld showerhead without any damage?

Taking apart a handheld showerhead is a straightforward process. First, you need to open the nuts located on the surface using the tools. Now, separate the showerhead from the hose and carefully remove the rubber head, mesh filter, and water regulator from the inside with needle-nose pliers. After that, the showerhead will be easily disassembled.

Disassembling a shower head is a process that should need to be done carefully because a little damage can result in a costly replacement for you. So, to give you a complete insight on how to take apart a handheld shower head, we’ve provided a step-by-step guide below

Read the guide until the end, and we ensure you will be able to successfully take apart your handheld without causing any damage to it. So without wasting a bit of your time, let’s get started.

3 Easy Steps To Take Apart/ Disassemble A Handheld Shower Head

Here is a detailed guide on removing a showerhead from the body without causing any harm to it. Let’s take a closer look at it.

Step 1: Required Tools & Protective Measures

Obviously, you need some tools that can help to detach the showerhead easily. Mentioned below are the names of required tools:

  • Wrench
  • Adjustable Pliers
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Towel or soft cloth

You have to follow some safety measures to ensure your shower will be saved from scratches during the process. That’s because a little harm can result in a costly replacement.

Firstly, wrap a towel around the showerhead and the parts attached to it. This is to protect it from any uncertain damage while disassembling.

Make sure to use the tools carefully because harshly operating them will do no favor but cause damage to the showerhead.

Step 2: Detach the Showerhead

To detach the showerhead, hold the shower arm using the wrench, and at the same time, use the adjustable pliers in an anti-clockwise direction to unscrew the nuts. The showerhead will slowly start losing the tightness on every nut you remove. 

Now, hold the pivot nut and turn it in an anti-clockwise direction to have a full and free showerhead from the wall-angled pipe or hose. Make sure not to lose the nuts and other small pieces attached when you remove them.

Step 3: Taking it apart & Troubleshoot

The next step is to disassemble the showerhead from its body completely. To do that, gently remove the rubber washer, which will be found inside the showerhead.

You can take it out with the help of needle-nose pliers. Another thing you need to take out is the mesh filter screen. It is a sensitive piece, so grab it with great care.

Once you have done it, now the only thing you have to remove is the water regulator or flow restrictor. To take it out, slightly bend the tip under one edge with some little downward pressure. It will pop-free

Some manufacturers have designed showers in a way that allows you to remove the restrictors by hand or by using the option of removing the faceplate for simple removal.

If the model you are using has screws on the faceplate’s side, just loosen them and then remove the faceplate. After that, you can easily disassemble the handheld showerhead.

How To Clean a Disassembled Showerhead? (Stey-by-Step)

Once you take apart a showerhead, the cleaning process will be the next thing that should concern you. Well, you don’t have to worry because we have come up with useful cleaning tips that will restore your showerhead to its former glory.

Follow the mentioned process, and you will be amazed to see the results.

Step 1: Rub the Showerhead nozzles

Many showers have flexible nozzles that may build up grime and dirt on the surface if not cleaned for a long time. You can remove the mineral buildup in these nozzles by simply rubbing each nozzle with your finger. You can also scrub them with the help of a toothbrush for more efficient and faster cleaning results.

Step 2: Soak the Showerhead in the Vinegar Solution

Once you’re done cleaning the nozzles, the next step is to soak the showerhead in the container full of a warm vinegar solution with water.

Rub it gently in the solution using gloves for some time and then leave it inside for 1 hour. After that, take it out and wipe it with a soft cloth.

It is recommended to repeat this process at least once a month to keep your shower head up and running for a long time.

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Step 3: Clean the Mesh Filter Screen

The mesh filter screen inside the showerhead is responsible for passing water to the nozzles. If it is not well-cleaned, your showerhead may face trouble getting water from it at high speed. Hence, cleaning the filter screen is equally important as the showerhead. 

To clean the filter screen, you can place it under running water for a few minutes and scrub it using the toothbrush. Once it is washed, now put it carefully back into its place inside the showerhead.

How Can you fix the handheld showerhead after disassembling it?

To put the showerhead back into its previous condition, you just need to follow the reverse process you do when disassembling it.

Place the components carefully back into their place and then screw the nuts clockwise to fix the showerhead again with the body.

Make sure not to break the delicate parts during fixing. Moreover, if you intend to change the worn-out part or replace the whole showerhead, make sure you do the replacement before fixing it.

Is it possible to clean the showerhead without taking it apart?

The nozzles or faceplates of the showerhead get blocked when used for a long-time. And to clean them, you don’t need to put the showerhead apart completely.

You can rub your finger through it and gently scrub it with a toothbrush to dislodge the material buildup on the surface. After that, place it under the running water and then wipe it with a soft cloth.

So, it is possible to clean the showerhead without disassembling it unless you don’t want to wash it thoroughly from the inside.

Is it important to turn off the water when opening a handheld showerhead?

Honestly speaking, taking apart a handheld showerhead without turning off the water can result in serious loss to it.

You can lose some delicate parts while opening the showerhead, or it may not provide you with a peaceful environment to do this complex task.

So, it will be better to turn off the water from the main source before opening a showerhead to save yourself from any loss and make your work easier.


Many reasons can motivate you to disassemble a handheld shower. Make sure to follow the above guide to make the task a breeze for yourself. Observe the care of small delicate parts while opening a handheld showerhead because it’s hard to find a replacement for them once they are lost.

We hope this article helps solve your queries about how to take apart a handheld shower head. If yes, do check other interesting posts on our blog.

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