5 Best Shower Caddy For Dorms

In college, sharing dorms often means sharing space with roommates who might have different schedules or shower habits than you do.

If you’re aiming for longer showers during your time in the dorm, why not make it even better? Choose the best shower caddy for dorms and give your dorm life a fantastic upgrade.

It’s not just about convenience; it’s about turning your shower routine into a seamless and delightful affair. Below, I have reviewed the 5 best shower caddies for college dorms so you can pick the best one for yourself.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

5 Best Shower Caddy For Dorms

Getting shower caddies for your dorm is a smart move. It can make your life a whole lot easier, especially if you’re not keen on lugging around a massive bottle of shampoo every time you head to the bathroom for a shower.

A solid dorm shower caddy comes with built-in storage compartments and hooks. These features are like your personal helpers, keeping all your bathroom must-haves organized and off the floor. So, when you need your body wash, shampoo, soap, or other essentials, they’re right there at arm’s length.

Let’s dive into the top five picks for the Best Shower Caddies for College Dorms.

1. Bukere Portable Shower Caddy for College Dorms

Bukere Shower Caddy

Bukere shower caddy secures the top spot for being one of the best shower caddies for dorms. First off, this shower caddy is made from sturdy Oxford material with mesh outer bags. It’s not just a caddy; it’s a dorm room superhero! 

You can hang it on your wall or door with the adjustable strap just like having a space-saving sidekick in your room.

No more stressing about where to stash your shampoo, conditioner, soap, or any shower essentials. This Bukere shower caddy’s mesh bags keep everything neatly in one spot, making them a breeze to grab when you’re in need.

Whether you’re at school, hitting the gym, or chilling at the beach, it has got your back in terms of organization. And guess what? It’s available in three cool colors – Grey, Purple, and Blue – so you can pick the one that vibes with you.

This caddy isn’t just for dorm life; it’s also a fantastic companion for camping trips or gym sessions. In short, it’s like having your organization game on point wherever you go.


  • Front pocket designed for convenient cell phone storage
  • Features a breathable mesh construction for optimal ventilation
  • High-quality and durable materials ensure longevity
  • Available in three different colors to suit your style
  • The versatile design makes it suitable for various uses


  • Storage areas are somewhat tight, providing limited space

2. Reger Shower Caddy For Dorms

Reger Shower Caddy

Dorm room chaos is real and that’s why we went on a mission to test out all the top shower caddies and guess what? We found the ultimate winner: The Reger shower caddy.

If you’re navigating college life, you understand the crucial role a shower caddy plays. It’s not just about managing your shampoo and soap – it’s a full-on juggling act with your toothbrush, deodorant, and all those tiny lifesavers that keep you sane in close quarters.

The Reger Shower Caddy is a heavy-duty champ that ticks all the boxes for a stellar dorm companion. It’s not just portable; it’s a breath of fresh air with its smart construction and both outer and inner zippered bags to keep everything shipshape. 

Plus, there’s a cool outer pocket where your phone can chill, be safe, and dry, while you conquer your shower game!


  • Breathable construction for optimal ventilation
  • Ideal shower caddy tailored for dorm life
  • Features both outer and inner mesh opened bags for organized storage
  • Heavy-duty build ensures durability
  • Versatile hanging options – you can hang it anywhere you need


  • The hanging hook is located on the inside, which may affect accessibility

3. Eudele Mesh Shower Caddy For College Dorms

Eudele Shower Caddy For Dorms

Eudele shower caddy will be your go-to solution for dorm life. It’s a spacious wonder that holds all your must-haves without turning into a bulky burden. 

Thanks to its large capacity and clever design, you can stash smaller items like shampoo bottles in side pockets, keeping them separate from your larger essentials like towels.

It is designed especially for college students and crafted from breathable mesh fabric to keep your shower supplies neatly contained and organized. 

Moreover, the added touch of Oxford fabric ensures it’s not just durable but also portable – the perfect tag team for any dorm room!

If you’re on the lookout for a shower caddy that can handle all your essentials while looking sleek, the Eudele Best Shower Caddy for Dorms is the one for you.


  • Breathable mesh construction ensures proper ventilation
  • Convenient pockets on each side for organized storage
  • Durable Oxford fabric enhances longevity
  • Perfect fit for dorms, easy to clean


  • Comes with a single strap, potentially limiting carrying options

4. Terra Home Portable Shower Caddy Dorms

Best Shower Caddy For Dorms

The next one on our list of best shower caddies for dorms is the Terra Home shower caddy. This masterpiece is made from portable and foldable polyester that makes it not just easy to carry but also dries quickly, thanks to its nifty mesh construction that keeps your belongings dry.

What sets Terra Home apart is its adjustable shoulder strap, making it your trusty companion wherever you wander. It’s a breeze to use – hang it up using the included hook, stick it to the wall with suction cups, or let it dangle from your shower head with the handy metal hook that comes in the package.

Equipped with two spacious pockets (one on each side), the Terra Home Shower Caddy can hold all your morning or post-workout essentials – toiletries, towels, you name it. 

The pockets are roomy enough for shampoo bottles, soap bars, and more. You can even reserve one pocket for larger items that refuse to squeeze into smaller spaces!

Once you’ve hung it up in your bathroom, you’ll appreciate the sleek and stylish look of the Terra Home shower caddy. 

It’s not just a dorm essential; it’s your go-to for road trips, gym sessions, and everywhere in between. Plus, it’s available in five chic colors, so you can pick the one that suits your style!


  • Portable and easy to manage for on-the-go convenience
  • Big pockets provide ample space to hold toiletries
  • Ideal for road trips, gym showers, and dorms
  • Available in 5 different stylish colors for personalization


  • Spacing is tight, limiting storage capacity

5. Spinfox Shower Caddy For College

Spinfox Shower Caddy For College

Last but not least, we have Spinfox shower caddy – your all-in-one solution for dorms, homes, beaches, or road trips!

Designed with practicality in mind, the Spinfox caddy boasts 7 side pockets and 4 compartment pockets. 

It’s not just for your toiletries; it’s a versatile storage hub for razors, toothbrushes, makeup brushes, lotions, and even your cell phone or keys. Thus, keeping them safe from bathroom sink splashes during your morning routine.

This plastic dorm shower caddy is made from durable waterproof plastic to keep your essentials secure inside it. In addition, its large-sized basket can accommodate everything from shampoo and conditioner to soap and body wash, ensuring you have all your essentials in one spot. 

Plus, with 2 long handles, carrying it around is a breeze. Whether you’re hitting the road or just upgrading your shower caddy game at home, the Spinfox shower caddy is ready for any challenge. It’s not just a caddy; it’s your versatile companion for all your storage needs.


  • Versatile design suits various needs
  • 2 long handles for easy carrying
  • 7 side pockets and 4 compartment pockets provide ample storage
  • Waterproof construction ensures durability
  • Lightweight for hassle-free portability


  • No identified cons for this shower caddy

3 Different Types of Dorm Shower Caddies You Can Opt For

When it comes to must-have items for your dorm room, a solid shower caddy is like your reliable sidekick. It’s there to keep your stuff organized and make your daily routine a breeze. But with so many types of shower caddies out there, how do you pick the perfect one for your dorm?

Let’s break it down and check out the options.

Tote-Style Caddy: Your Timeless Companion

Imagine tote-style caddies as the classic choice for dorm life. They come in different sizes, boast multiple compartments, and sport a sturdy handle. With one of these, moving your toiletries from your dorm to the bathroom is a piece of cake.

Hanging Shower Caddy: Your Space-Saving Buddy

If your dorm is a bit small in space, hanging caddies are the way to go. They easily hook onto your showerhead or curtain rod, keeping all your must-haves right at your fingertips. It’s like having a personal organizer that hangs out with you in the shower.

Over the Door Shower Caddy: Vertical Storage Magic

Picture over-the-door caddies as the vertical space wizards. They latch onto the back of your bathroom door, creating storage without hogging up your precious shower space. It’s like unlocking a secret storage level in your dorm.

Buying Guide For Choosing Best Shower Caddy For Dorms

Finding the best shower caddy for your dorm can feel like diving into a sea of options. With so many claiming to be the best, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. 

But fear not, because we’ve got a roadmap to guide you through the maze of choices. Let’s break down what to consider – the materials, design, storage, portability, cost, and those extra features that can turn your shower routine into a breeze.

Material & Built

When choosing a shower caddy for your college life, it is recommended to opt for one crafted from strong materials that won’t give up on you. 

Besides, It’s better to look for a caddy made of breathable fabric or sturdy plastic, ensuring it won’t rust or fall apart with every use. Your ideal shower buddy should endure being tossed and moved around all year long without a hitch.

Different Designs

When it comes to picking the right shower caddy for your dorm, design is a big deal. It’s like choosing the look and feel that matches your vibe. There’s a whole bunch of designs out there, so let’s dive in and find one that suits your needs and style.

Some shower caddies come with hangers like they’re ready to party from the shower head or railings. It’s like having a caddy that’s always hanging out, ready when you are.

Then there are those with hooks that can be buddies with the wall or railings. It’s like having a caddy that’s got your back, sticking around wherever you need it.

And if you’re into easy carrying, baskets with handles are the way to go. It’s like having a portable organizer, always by your side, ready to move when you are.


Dorm life means you might need to move your caddy around – from the bathroom to your room and back. Handles are like the superhero cape, making it easy to carry without adding extra weight. Consider how easy it is to move around, especially if space is tight in your dorm.


Make sure your shower caddy has ample storage to keep your toiletries neatly tucked in, preventing any accidental spills on the floor! You need a caddy that can effortlessly hold all your essentials, saving you from constant trips to the bathroom whenever you need something else.


You don’t need a gold-plated caddy to get the job done. Think practically, set a budget, and find a caddy that balances cost with quality. It’s like making a smart investment – reliable without breaking the bank.

Compartments and Pockets

Avoid a messy shower caddy; instead, go for one with built-in compartments and pockets. These cool features will provide dedicated spaces for your items and make it a breeze to find whatever you need during your shower routine.

Drainage and Ventilation

Watch out for mold and mildew in your dorm shower caddy. Choose one with good drainage and ventilation to keep it and your stuff dry. This way, you’ll have a bathroom free of those unwanted visitors!

Extra Features for Added Convenience

Your shower caddy is more than just a shampoo holder—it can level up your daily shower game. When shopping, consider features beyond the basics. To avoid annoying slips and slides, go for a caddy equipped with sturdy suction cups or hooks. 

These keep your caddy firmly in place, guaranteeing that your stuff stays put, even during the most eventful showers.


We rolled up our sleeves and put in the effort to test and review five top-notch shower caddies perfect for dorm living. After some thorough research, we discovered these five highest-rated shower caddies that would seamlessly fit into any college student’s home away from home!

In selecting these dorm caddies, we took into account factors like type, material, storage, extra features, and cost, ensuring we found the ideal caddy for you. Investing in one of these top-rated shower caddies can keep your college life organized and hassle-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a shower caddy for college?

A shower caddy for college makes life so much easier. It keeps all your bathroom essentials organized, prevents spills, and adds convenience. It’s a small investment that brings big benefits to your daily routine. You won’t regret having one

What is the best shower caddy for college?

The Reger shower caddy is considered one of the best choices for college dorms. Its durable design, ample storage, and practical features make it a reliable companion for navigating dorm life.

Where should a shower caddy be in a dorm?

The ideal spot for your shower caddy in a dorm is typically within easy reach of your bathroom or shower area. Most students place it in a convenient location, like hanging it on a hook or the showerhead or placing it on a shelf or the edge of the tub. 

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