How To Remove A Stuck Shower Arm In 6 Easy Steps

Whether you want to replace a showerhead or need to fix the leaking problem, removing the shower arm is a must. But when it is stuck because of years of mineral scale buildup and rust between the junction, it becomes quite strenuous for you to remove it.

But not to worry. You can remove it by following the easy process.

To remove the stuck shower arm, first, you have to try losing it by hand; if that doesn’t work, clean the mineral buildup or rust from the junction that might be stopping it from coming out. After that, remove it using the adjustable pipe wrench in the anti-clockwise direction.

Read on for a detailed overview of removing a stuck shower arm using 6 simple steps.

Without further ado, let’s get started. 

6 Simple Steps To Remove a Stuck Shower Arm

What You’ll need:

As you’ve decided to take up this task yourself, you’ll need to gather some tools to help it succeed. 

  • Vise Grips
  • Adjustable Pipe Wrench
  • Limescale Remover or Vinegar
  • Thread Seal Tape to Plumber Tape

Step 1. Turn Off The Water Flow:

This one is necessary because turning the water on while removing the arm can make you a big mess. So to make things smooth and easy for yourself, be sure to turn off the water flow before getting straight into the process. You can turn it off from the flow valve located in the access panel, depending on how the bathroom is set up.

Step 2. Twist the shower arm off: 

If you’ve got big muscles, just a twist can bring the showerhead to your hands. But, for a smart guy (like me), twisting a stuck shower arm does no favor. You have to try other ways. 

Grab a towel, and wrap it around the showerhead, to provide you with a solid grip while twisting. If that method doesn’t work too, and it won’t be possible for you to grab it by hand, a vise grip can ease your pain. 

Use it to twist the showerhead in an anticlockwise direction. If that stubborn arm is still not losing out, stop turning it so you don’t snap anything!

Step 3. Inspect The Shower Arm Junction:

For this, you need a ladder to climb up and sneak at the shower arm junction to know what’s stopping it from coming out easily. 

If you suspect mineral buildup and corrosion over that area, your shower arm is infected, which is why it is not easy to remove. This occurs because hard water continuously passes from your shower head for a long time.

Step 4. Clean the Mineral buildup and Corrosion: 

Vinegar Method:

You need vinegar, a bowl, and a piece of cloth. Fill the bowl half with vinegar and dip and piece in it. Use the cloth to cover the corroded area for 10 minutes. If the mineral buildup and corrosion start crumbling, use the wrench to pull the shower arm. 

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Limescale Remover Method:

If the above method results in no gain, you can head on to the other way. Dry the shower arm with a piece of cloth. Grab limescale remover and pour it directly from the bottle on the shower arm. 

Now, soak the other cloth in the limescale remover liquid and wrap it around the shower arm for 20 minutes. If you notice some cleaning results, try again to remove the shower arm with a pipe wrench.

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Step 5. Adjustable Pipe Wrench:

If the shower arm is still stuck and not coming out even after using multiple hacks, the time has come to take out big guns and use the brutal way to remove that stubborn thing. This may damage your shower arm, but at least it will be removed so you can replace it with a new one.

Take the pipe wrench and adjust it fully between the shower arm; use force by hand or by striking the hammer in the anti-clockwise direction to twist the shower arm. Once it is removed, you can replace it with a new one.

Step 6. Replace the Shower Arm:

After removing the previous shower arm, a need for a new one will arise to keep things going smoothly. You have to purchase the new shower arm, plumber tape, or thread seal tape.

Wrap the two threads of plumber tape on the threads of the new shower arm that will be fixed inside the wall. The tape provides a firm grip while fixing and ensures no leaks will happen inside the wall.

Line up the threads of the new shower arm to the shower riser pipe inside the wall. Turn the shower arm right with the help of your hand or with a wrench. Once it is fixed, your new shower arm is ready to rejoin a new shower head.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to turn off the water to replace the shower arm?

Yes, you must turn off the water from the main source while replacing the shower arm. Otherwise, it will complicate your task and create a huge mess for you. So, ensure the water is off when replacing or removing the shower arm.

How to remove a stuck shower Arm without tools?

First, you have to try removing a shower arm using your hands in the anticlockwise direction. If it doesn’t come out with hand force, you can use an adjustable pipe wrench to make it easy for you to remove.

How do I unscrew a stuck shower arm?

To unscrew the shower arm, first, you have to try losing it by hand or vice grip; if that doesn’t work, it requires cleaning from the shower arm junction where mineral scale and rust stop it from coming out. Clean it with the help of vinegar and limescale remover. After that, unscrew it using the adjustable pipe wrench by turning it in the anti-clockwise direction.

Final Word

Removing a stuck shower arm from the wall might be difficult if you don’t have the right tools or knowledge. All you need is a little motivation and the right tools to get the job done.

There is really no need to hire a plumber and spend plenty of money. Grab the tools, get to work, and after a little trial and error, you can easily remove your stuck shower arm.

I hope this guide helps solve your query related to How To Remove A Stuck Shower Arm. Until Next Time!!!

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