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We often find ourselves in situations when we’re short of something but still want to carry on with the process without that thing.

Because humans don’t depend on anything, they will make a way out of everything. The same case applies to removing a shower head without tools.

If you don’t have a wrench near you and want to remove the showerhead at any cost. Not to worry, this ultimate guide will help you know how to remove a stuck shower head without tools.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

What Kind Of Stuck Shower Head Do You Have?

Before heading on disassembling a shower head without tools, it’s essential to know which kind of shower head you’re using, whether it be a Handheld or Wall Shower Head

In most cases, both shower heads are connected with the threads of the pipe that come out of the wall, so the procedure is the same in both cases. You can follow the showerhead removal process if your showerhead is that kind too. 

Let’s take a look below to learn how to remove a stuck shower head without a wrench?

How To Remove A Stuck Shower Head Without Tools? [Step-By-Step Guide]

There are multiple methods to take out a stuck shower head without a wrench, but you must prepare yourself first. Because here you don’t have to work with brute force, you would need remedies and tricks to accomplish the task. 

Step 1. Turn Off The Water Supply

The first step comes with cutting out the water supply from the main source. This is an important step to follow because if you don’t do that, chances are you will be drenched in water once the showerhead is removed. 

Moreover, doing this will filter out the involvement of the water while removing the showerhead, making your task a low-hanging fruit.

You can turn the water supply from the valve which will be found:

  • Under the sink
  • In the basement, just below the bathtub

Step 2. Use The Strength Of Your Hands

Here you will have to show the power of your hand to remove the showerhead. Usually, a stuck shower head comes out by simply applying hand force. So you must try the strength of your hands first before following other techniques.

Take a towel or soft cloth and cover the showerhead with it. The cloth will help provide you with a solid grip when applying force to remove a glued shower head

Now, rotate the shower head in the anticlockwise direction with the full force of your hands. If it doesn’t come out, don’t worry; you’ve tried your best; let’s follow the other techniques to lose it so that it comes out easily.

Step 3. Using A Vinegar Method

Vinegar is the best solution to melt down those filthy deposits and particles that are stopping your shower head from coming out. 

1. Required Things

Before following this method, you will need some things that are mentioned below:

  • Vinegar
  • Plastic Bag
  • Bucket or Bowl
  • Rubber band or duct tape

Once you gather all these belongings, you’re ready to proceed further

2. Apply The Vinegar

Different techniques will be used for applying vinegar on handheld and wall showerheads which have been described below in detail.

  • For Handheld Showerhead

First, you need to take a bucket and half-fill it with vinegar. Soak the handheld shower head in it, especially from the area where it is connected to the pipe. 

  • For Wall Showerhead

Since it won’t be possible for you to soak the wall-mounted showerhead in a bucket or bowl, you will need a bag to do that job for you. Half-fill the bag with vinegar and fasten it around the shower head with duct tape or a rubber band.

3. Leave The Showerhead

Leave the showerhead in the vinegar for a few hours and overnight. It will soften all the chemical and mineral deposits on it.

4. Remove The Showerhead From the Vinegar

Take out the showerhead from the bucket or remove the plastic bag, depending on your method. 

5. Disassemble The Stuck Showerhead 

Rotate the showerhead in the anticlockwise direction, and it will be removed easily. If it won’t, you can try other methods explained below for the best results.

Step 4. Using A Duct Tape Method

Duct tape is one of the handiest tools and can be found easily around the house. You can use this to remove that stubborn showerhead. To know how to do it, let’s look at the steps below.

1. Cut Of A Piece

You have to make a temporary wrench with duct tape. To do that, you need to cut 12 inches of tape and make two stripes of it. Make sure that the tape doesn’t stick with each other.

2. Fold the Tape In Layers

Stick one piece of tape to the other non-stick layer of the tape. Repeat this until it won’t become strong like a wrench.

3. Covering Around The Showerhead

Once you’ve made your homemade wrench, It’s time to cover it around the showerhead. Using it, twist the showerhead in the counterclockwise direction until you have 6 inches of tape left. If you need a longer hand length, wrap it less and cut a more lengthy piece from the start.

4. Drag The Homemade Wrench

Drag the homemade wrench in the counterwise direction until it doesn’t come out.

Step 5. Using the Ordinary Waist Belt Method

You won’t believe it, but an ordinary waist belt can make a transition into a wrench. It can create good tension, but you will get less advantage. So, let’s look at the steps to know how it can help remove the stuck shower head without a wrench.

1. Tighten It

The first step comes with tightening the belt by inserting one end of it into the buckle. It will create a direction that the belt has to face.

2. Attach A Loop

Once you have tightened the belt, now attach a loop to the belt where the showerhead is connected to the pipe.

3. Free The Belt

In this step, you have to free the belt from the buckle while tightening the loop around the pipe connector.

4. Drag it

Drag the belt from the end to produce solid contact with the showerhead. This will help create tension from the point it is connected with the pipe.

5. Rotate In Anticlockwise Direction

The time has come to remove the showerhead using the belt. For that, put the belt in place and rotate it in the anticlockwise direction until the stuck showerhead doesn’t come out.

Getting Rid Of Rust and Scale Dissolution

If you don’t achieve any progress by rotating the showerhead with your hand and don’t have enough time to get a wrench, you may try dissolving the rust and corrosion from the showerhead to remove it easily. 

Removing these filthy guys like rust and scale won’t be easy; you need a strong chemical to ease the process for you. If WD-40 is not within reach, you can use a comparable spray oil. Sprinkle some part of it around the showerhead and leave it for 10 to 20 minutes.

Use a cloth to wipe oil; you will see big chunks of dirt on the cloth while wiping the showerhead. Usually, this will be enough and let you easily remove the showerhead from the joint. Unfortunately, If it doesn’t work, you must try using some strong chemicals.

What Should I Do After Removing The Showerhead

Once the showerhead is removed, you must clean the pipe threads and showerhead if you want to place it again. Soaking them in Vinegar is the best way to see the profound cleaning results. You can also use a toothbrush to remove rusty particles around the showerhead and pipe. 

Lastly, when you’re fixing the showerhead again to the pipe, don’t forget to apply the Teflon tape on the pipe threads to prevent it from future leaks. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Prevent Shower Head Leaking?

To prevent the showerhead from leaking, you must apply the Teflon Tape on the pipe threads where it will get fixed. The Teflon tape provides a solid grip and never lets the water leak from any side.

Can I Remove The Stuck Shower Head With Hand?

Usually, a stuck showerhead comes out easily with hand force, but if it’s deeply stuck, you might need to use other techniques to remove it. When using your hands to remove the showerhead, make sure to twist it in an anticlockwise direction.

How Firmly Should A Shower Head Be Tightened?

If you’re tightening the showerhead with a wrench, the approximately one-quarter turn is enough to make it firm and tight. On the other hand, if you’re tightening it with your hands, ensure it is as tight as the lid on the bottle.

Final Word

By now, you must have gotten the idea of removing a showerhead without a wrench. We have described each detail that helps you achieve great results. Don’t forget to clean the disassembled showerhead if you want to fix it again. You can use multiple cleaning methods, such as Vinegar, CLR, and Baking soda. 

I hope this article helps you know how to remove a stuck showerhead without tools. If you found this guide helpful, check other interesting blog posts. Moreover, if you have any questions, drop them down in the comment section; we would love to answer them. 

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