How To Remove Shower Head That Is Glued On| Do it Now!

Is your showerhead having a hard time coming out? Most probably, it will be stuck and glued on. But how can you remove it?

Usually, some houses and rental apartments where the showerhead has hardly changed in years get stuck and glued on with the arm, making it quite difficult to remove. Fortunately, with proper knowledge and equipment, you can take it out in no time.

Below, in this article, I’ve given a comprehensive step-by-step guide to help you remove a glued showerhead. 

Without further ado, let’s get started.

How To Remove Shower Head That Is Glued On? [Step By Step]

Well, it is as simple as you can ever think of. You just have to follow the step-by-step guide below, and your glued showerhead will be out in no time.

What Do You need?

Getting into the war without basic equipment is the same as committing suicide. So, make sure you gather all the equipment mentioned below to make your DIY task a low-hanging fruit!

  • An Adjustable Wrench or Pliers
  • Plastic Bag
  • Acetone Nail Polish Remover 
  • An Old Piece Of Cloth
  • Lemon Juice
  • Hot Water
  • Rubber Band
  • Scrubber/An Old Toothbrush

Once you gather all these tools, you’re ready to remove that stubborn showerhead that is taking a hard time coming out.

Step 1: Turn Off The Water Supply

Imagine how bad it would be getting yourself drenched in water after just removing the showerhead. To secure yourself from that uncertainty happening, you need to turn the water supply off from the main source. It will also make your task a breeze by filtering out the involvement of water. 

You can turn off the water supply either from under the tap position in the basement or in the bathroom, under the sink.

Step 2: Try To loosen It With Your Hands

The first step comes with loosening the showerhead using the hands. A stuck shower head usually comes out with just a little pressure on the hands. You have to try it to test your luck. Rotate the showerhead in the anti-clockwise direction with the force of your hands. If the showerhead won’t come out, it needs special treatment, and you’re ready to proceed.

Step 3: Create A Mixture By Utilizing Home Remedies

To melt that stubborn glue over the showerhead, you have to prepare a special solution using home remedies. For that, you need some things, including lemon juice, hot water, and a plastic bucket. 

First and foremost, take a plastic bucket and fill it in half with hot water. After adding some lemon juice, stir the solution, and it will be ready.

Step 4: Put The Showerhead In The Solution

After preparing the solution, you have to put a showerhead in it. But what if your showerhead is attached to the shower arm? No worries, I also have a solution to that problem.

In that case, you need to convert that prepared solution into a plastic bag and fasten it around the shower arm using rubber bands to prevent water from draining. If the rubber band isn’t very useful, you can use plumber tape instead of it. 

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Step 5: Leave it for 30 minutes.

Once the showerhead is completely soaked in the solution, you have to leave it there for 30 minutes. The solution will start its magic of softening adhesive material around the showerhead so it comes out easily. After the time is completed, remove the plastic bag around the showerhead. Do it carefully so the solution doesn’t splash on yourself.

Step 6: Rinse It With Hot Water

You will notice a decent change after removing the showerhead from the solution. However, rust or mineral will be there on the showerhead. To remove them, you need to rinse them with hot water. The hot water will wash all the residue materials from the showerhead and give it a decent look. Once you do it, you’re ready to proceed toward the final steps.

Step 7: Scrub The Shower Head

The next step is to scrub the showerhead for more profound cleaning results. But before that, you need to apply acetone nail polish remover on the showerhead. Spray a little amount of it on the showerhead and start scrubbing it using an old toothbrush. Don’t scrub too hard, as acetone will do its job quite efficiently of removing the adhesive.

Step 8: Unscrew The Shower Head Using Adjustable Wrench Or Pliers

Now, you have to try unscrewing the showerhead that is stuck using an adjustable wrench and pliers. Before doing this, wrap the old cloth around the showerhead, where it must be removed. The cloth will provide you with a solid grip and save your showerhead from possible scratches while taking it out.

Step 9: Clean up Everything

After the showerhead has been successfully removed, there are chances that rust and mineral particles might be gathered inside the showerhead. To wash them away, you need to put the showerhead under the running water tap; fortunately, they will be removed. 

Hurray!, You have that glued showerhead removed now!!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Amount Of Acetone Nail Polish Remover Should I Apply On Glued Showerhead?

You don’t need to apply much; just a pea-size would do a great job. However, if the showerhead is extremely glued on, you can use it in large quantities until that adhesive doesn’t melt out.

What Is The Best Thing To Remove A Glued Shower Head?

The Acetone nail polish remover does a great job of taking out a stuck showerhead. However, you cannot deny the contribution of a solution that helps dissolve that stubborn glue in water. Here I am talking about the solution of lemon juice and hot water we’ve used above.

Can I Remove A Stuck Shower Head Without Using Tools?

The simple answer is NO. If it’s not possible to remove a stuck shower head using your hands, the tools help make your task a piece of cake. Otherwise, you will need to call a plumber, which will cost you a lot.

How To Remove A Shower Head That Has Teflon Tape?

To remove a shower head that has Teflon tape, turn off the water supply, wrap a cloth around the shower head for protection, and use pliers or an adjustable wrench to grip the shower head firmly. With a steady hand, turn the shower head counterclockwise to loosen it. Once loose, continue turning by hand until you can completely remove the shower head. If needed, use the wrench or pliers for added leverage, being careful not to damage the shower head or plumbing fittings.

Final Word

Removing a showerhead that is stuck is not a simple task. But by following the steps mentioned above, you can do it easily. They’re easy to understand and simple to follow. You can also take the help of your family and friends in removing the stuck showerhead. This will keep you involved and make your task a fun job!

I hope this guide helps answer your query about how to remove shower head that is glued on. If YES, also check other interesting posts on my blog. PEACE OUT! 

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