How To Install A Wall Mounted Shower Head [6 Simple Steps]

Is your current showerhead stopped working like it used to do? It may live its life to the fullest and need a successor to take its place. 

For that, you need to install a new wall-mounted showerhead to the shower arm. But the problem is how can you do it?

Fortunately, this comprehensive will explain everything you need to know about How To Install A Wall Mounted Shower Head in the easiest way possible.

So, sit back, relax and let this article give you step-by-step info on replacing a shower head with an existing one.

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Before Beginning, You Need To Purchase A New Wall-Mounted Shower Head

Skip this section if you have already purchased the wall-mounted shower head for installation.

First, you must purchase a new showerhead to replace it with your existing one. For that, head on to your nearest superstore and amazon to pick the best one for yourself.

The wall-mounted showerhead comes in various features, designs, and prices, but the installation is almost the same for everyone. 

So, no matter what company and type of wall-mounted showerhead you’ve purchased, you can install it easily by following the steps below.

How To Replace Or Install A Wall Mounted Shower Head?

Follow the step-by-step to install a showerhead to the existing shower system. Believe me, it is as easy as screwing a bulb in the holder.

Without further ado, let’s take a deep look down.

Step 1. What You’ll Need

It is not possible to do the showerhead installation solely with your hands, so you need some tools to help you accomplish the process as easily as possible.

Here are some tools you must gather before following the installation process.

  • A Wrench
  • Teflon Tape Or Plumber’s Tape
  • A Soft Cloth

Step 2. Turn Off The Water Supply

First and foremost, you need to turn off the water supply of the existing shower system from the source; you can do it either from bathroom faucets or from the pipe in the basement.

Once you filter out the water involvement from the existing shower, it will be easy to install a wall-mounted shower head in its place.

Step 3. Remove The Old Shower Head

The next step is removing the old shower head that may be worn out or not compatible to use anymore.

You may need to use a wrench here if the shower head is stubborn enough not to come out with the power of hands.

Grasp the shower head from the point it is connected to the threads of the shower arm using the wrench. Now, rotate the showerhead in the counterclockwise direction to disassemble it successfully.

Remember not to use too much force because the chances are you may break the shower arm. So, you need to be gentle with things.

Besides, you can use a soft cloth to prevent scratches on the showerhead while removing it.

Once you successfully removed the shower head, you’re ready to proceed further.

Step 4. Wrap Teflon Tape To Threads of the Shower Arm

Remember the Teflon tape or Plumber’s tape you gathered? You need to wrap several loops of it on the threads of the shower arm.

But before that, don’t forget to remove the old tape or clean the shower arm with a cloth for the best results in the future.

Step 5. Install The New Wall Mounted Shower Head

Take out the new showerhead from its packaging and examine its parts. Some shower heads come with a rubber or neoprene washer that should be installed inside the threaded fitting. However, most showerheads install to shower arm automatically.

If it has a threaded washer, you must install it on the threaded inlet opening of the shower arm before screwing a new shower head.

After that, you can install the new showerhead to the shower arm by rotating it clockwise, either by hand or using a wrench.

Don’t forget to cover the new shower head with a cloth to prevent scratches if you’re installing it using a wrench.

Step 6. Run A Test To Check Leaks

Once the installation has been done, it is imperative to run a test to check for leaks and ensure everything is working fine.

Turn on the water supply of the new showerhead to examine if it’s working fine or not. Unfortunately, if you find any leaks, tighten that area with a hand or wrench, and you’re good to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

How High Should A Wall Mounted Shower Head Be?

According to Hunker, a Wall-Mounted Shower Head should be installed 80 inches above the bathroom floor to enjoy a trouble-free and smooth showering experience at home. This is standard industry height and accommodates as many people as possible.

However, you can increase the installation height above 80 inches according to your desired height if you’re tall compared to normal people.

How To Select A Best Wall Mounted Shower Head?

You don’t need to make extra effort to purchase the best wall-mounted showerhead. 

Just head to amazon or the nearest store and search for showerheads of big company names such as Moen, Delta, Speakman, AquaDance, Hansgrohe, etc. 
You can purchase any of these brands, and they will never disappoint you.

How To Seal Shower Head To The Wall?

To seal the showerhead to the wall, first, make room for the shower arm there on the pipe inside the wall fitting. Once you have installed the shower arm inside the wall fitting, then install or seal the shower head into the threads of the shower arm by twisting it clockwise.

Bottom Line

A wall-mounted showerhead is the most usable showerhead type in households and hotels. It gives you a “dancing on rain” shower experience at home. However, installing one could cause trouble if you’re doing it for the first time.

Fortunately, this guide has explained everything you need to know about How To Install A Wall Mounted Shower Head. Follow the step-by-step guide (given above), and installation will become a piece of cake for you.

It is recommended to read this article twice for a better understanding of things. If you have any questions in your mind, don’t forget to ask them below in the comment section; I would love to answer them.

Until Next Time!!!

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