Are Rain Shower Heads Worth it? [Expert Guide]

Taking showers under nature’s rain is a mind-refreshing activity that can’t be described in words. A gentle and soothing experience that refreshes the body from head to toe.

A similar experience can now be enjoyed at home thanks to Rain Shower Heads. However, before purchasing this shower head type, the question that concerns the mind is: Are Rain Shower Heads Worth It?

Rain shower heads are worth the price if you want to enjoy real-time rain showering and give a luxury touch to your bathroom. However, the downsides could be the high price, high water consumption, and difficult installation process.

Below, I have covered some details about rain shower heads, including their advantages and disadvantages, types, etc., to ensure you know everything about them.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

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What Is A Rain Shower Head?

A rain shower head is one of the shower head types whose primary purpose is to provide a rain-like showering experience in the bathroom. It is luxurious in design and quite expensive compared to other shower heads.

It is usually installed in the ceiling of the bathrooms, but some newer models also support side wall installation. It comes in different shapes and sizes, such as squares, triangles, and circles.

Types of Rain Shower Heads

There are only two types of rain shower heads: one is ceiling mounted, while the other is wall-mounted.

Ceiling Mounted Rain Shower Head 

As the name suggests, this type is installed on the bathroom ceiling, so you may need a plumber for installation because it’s not an easy job for a beginner.

Ceiling-mounted rain shower heads come in different sizes and multi-functions. It has sizes starting from 8cm in diameter and so on. It’s better to look for water availability first before choosing the size, as bigger ones use more water.

Wall Mounted Rain Shower Head

The wall-mounted rain shower head is installed in place of a regular shower head (shower arm), so it doesn’t require a plumber and new installations. It comes in different sizes and multiple functions.

It is recommended to look for multi-functions in wall mounted rather than ceiling-mounted rain shower heads since it would be hard to change and adjust the functions of ceiling-mounted ones.

Are Rain Shower Heads Worth It? (Detailed Answer)

Each showerhead type has its benefits or downsides. So, it’s kinda hard to determine what type will be worthwhile because everyone has different preferences and conditions.

However, in general, rainshower heads are price worthy because of their luxurious designs and for providing rain-like showering in your own yard. They’re durable and come in different shapes (square, circle, triangle) and attractive designs.

But some differences have made them an exception for some people, such as a high price, only one spray mode, high water consumption, and difficult installation.

But, it is too early to judge them without knowing their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s discuss them below first before making any final decision.

What Are Pros and Cons Of A Rain Shower Head

First, we’ll look at the benefits of rain shower heads before heading on to their downsides.

Rain Like Experience

Rain shower heads provide a “dancing on rain” showering experience at home. They exert water in little droplets smoothly from the ceiling, making you feel like you are taking a bath in nature’s rain. It is a soothing, energetic, and refreshing experience.

Adjustable Shower Head

The feature I like most about rain shower heads is that they’re adjustable. This means you can point them in any direction and adjust the height according to your preference. I must say these shower heads are nothing more than a blessing for tall people.

Water Spraying

Want to have an expensive spa-like shower experience at home? Rain shower heads are capable of providing this comfort too. They spray water smoothly that comforts your body from head to toe.

These shower heads contain uncountable spray nozzles to cherish your body with comfort from every point.

Provides Full Body Coverage

Rain shower heads are bigger in size than regular shower heads, starting from 8 inches and so on. This means you will get full body coverage while showering.

It also throws away the urge to adjust the shower head because its larger head is enough to cover the whole body smoothly. This is what distinguishes this showerhead from the competition.

Different Spray Settings

Rain shower heads have different spray settings, including jet, massage, rain, and pause. These spray settings let you take a shower according to your own preference.

It gives you the audacity to control water pressure as you like.

Easy To Clean

The large shower head is the fact that they’re easy to clean. You can rub your finger over the nozzles as they’re made of rubber to clean them the fastest way possible. It saves your time and provides a hygienic shower experience.

Luxury Design

They are more luxurious in design than regular shower heads. If you want to restore your bathroom’s former glory, these shower heads will be your best choice. Their elegant design and stylish finish will make your bathroom shine like crystal.

Steady and Gentle Water Flow

Regular shower heads used to have a hard water flow, but these shower heads have a smooth and gentle water-flowing mechanism to ensure you have had the best showering experience.

Cons of Rain Shower Heads

Now, let’s take a look at rain shower head problems.

Not Budget Friendly

These shower heads are not similar in price compared to regular shower heads. They are expensive and may not be affordable for most people out there. All the luxuries mentioned above come with paying a hefty amount.

Installation Is Not A Piece of Cake

Usually, most rain shower heads are installed on the bathroom ceiling, which may not be an easy task for an individual. This requires effort and DIY knowledge, making it only the job of an expert.

So, rain shower heads are not easier to install than regular shower heads.

Note: Some models are installed on the wall like regular shower heads; this might save you from all headaches.

Longer Shower Time

Rain shower heads are not meant for taking quick showers as they smoothly exert water. So, it is evident that you will end up taking longer showers with rain shower heads than with regular shower heads.

High Water Consumption

Rain shower heads consume more water as they’re large and don’t have a hard water flow. So, these shower heads are not eco-friendly because of high water consumption.

What To Keep In Mind When Choosing A Rain Shower Head

Here are some points you should be aware of to get the best value for the money.

  • It would be good to look for rain shower heads that consume less water. This will help lessen the water bills and save water from wastage.
  • Rain shower heads are made of two materials, including plastic and metal. If you’re aiming to purchase a durable product, then a metal one will be a great choice. Otherwise, plastic ones would be a good choice as an inexpensive option.
  • Make sure to choose the showerhead that matches your bathroom decor. This similar combination will leave everyone in surprise who visits your bathroom for the first time.
  • Be sure to look for space in your bathroom first before purchasing a rain shower head. This is because they are usually larger in size, starting from 8 inches. Choose the one according to your need and availability.
  • Choose the showerhead that matches your local water supply pressure. This is because the rain shower head consumes more water than usual and won’t work if it doesn’t get enough water required to run.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do rain shower heads have low pressure?

Usually, most rain shower heads have low water because they have plenty of spray nozzles on their wide head, and water comes out evenly from all sides. It also results in high water consumption. 
So, if you have high water pressure at home, a rain shower head is the best choice; otherwise, it’s better to look for others.

Can you put a rain shower head on a normal shower?

A rain shower head can be installed in an already existing shower system. However, the problem may arise if you want to have the showerhead mounted to the ceiling and don’t have any fittings because this will require extra plumbing work and tools to get the job done.

How do I increase the pressure in my rain shower head?

Over time, dirt and mold might block the nozzles on your rain shower head, resulting in low water pressure. So, cleaning is the only way to increase the pressure in your rain shower head. If that doesn’t work, try replacing the flow restrictor to get better results.

Are rain shower heads easy to install?

Rain shower heads are easy to install as far as they’re not ceiling mounted. This is because ceiling-mounted rain shower heads require extra tools and plumbing work which may not be easy for a beginner.

Bottom Line

Lastly, it is not wrong to say that rain shower heads are the best value for money, keeping their extraordinary features in mind. However, exceptions can be made for some people who have different preferences.

They are not budget-friendly, consume more water, and are difficult to install. But on the positive side, we will get a plethora of benefits like a rain-like shower experience, smooth water flow, and luxurious design.

Having said that, rain shower heads are best if you want to enjoy some premium features; otherwise, regular shower heads are good to carry on your simple lifestyle.

I hope this article helps answer your query: Are Rain Shower Heads Worth It? If it proves useful, don’t forget to sneak into other resources on my blog.

If you have any questions, plz ask them below in the comment section; I would love to answer them.

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