How High Should A Rain Shower Head Be? [Explained]

Nothing can replace the comfort of a shower after having a hectic day at the office or school. It gives you a new look and refreshes your body from head to toe. 

Rain shower head plays a primary role, in that case, to ensure you have an immersive rainfall like showering at home. It sprays water in little droplets, and when they come in contact with your body, you feel relaxed and comfy.

However, the problem one might get into is their height adjustment which begs the question: How high should a rain shower head be installed?

The standard height of the rain shower head is 84 inches above the floor. However, rain shower heads can be installed between 84 to 96 inches, depending on your preferences. Remember, It should be installed at a height where it is easily accessible and support your height.

The best part?

This guide will cover everything you need to know about rain shower heads and how to set them to the best height, keeping your needs in mind.

So, without further ado, let’s get straight into it.

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How High Should A Rain Shower Head Be At Home?

If you’re wondering what should be the best height for a rain shower head to install at home, the details below will help you find the answer.

Setting the rain shower head at the best height at home depends on whether you live alone or with your family.

If you live alone, the best way to set a rain shower head at your ideal height is to measure your height first and install it by adding 6 inches to it.

For example, If your height is 80 inches, you can install a rain shower head at 86 inches to best accommodate your needs.

On the other hand, if you live in a family, you have to find the average height of family members and then set the shower head 6 inches above it when installing.

If you’re not comfortable setting a rain shower head 6 inches above your head, you can increase the number and install it at your desired preference.

How High Should A Rain Shower Head Be At Business Premises?

If you’re in the commercial sector and want to know how high a rain shower head should be installed at business premises such as hotels, guest houses, etc., you’re at the right place.

It is considered best to install a rain shower head at its maximum setting because an individual of every height would pay a visit to your place.

So, it’s better to set the rain shower head at the height of 96 inches so even a 7 feet person feels comfortable taking a shower beneath it.

Remember not to install rain shower heads too high so they won’t exploit the user experience at your commercial building.

Important Factors To Consider When Installing A Rain Shower Head

Types of Rain Shower Heads

If you don’t know, there are two types of rain shower heads: ceiling-mounted and wall-mounted. What type of shower head you’re purchasing will define at what height you should be installing it.

For example, ceiling-mounted rain shower heads are installed on the ceiling of the bathroom so that they’re already at a maximum height, which eliminates the worry of whether they will accommodate your height or not.

However, for wall-mounted shower heads, you need to measure your height and install it and your desired preference.

If you’re looking for the best rain shower heads, we have featured some top products below for your ease.

Rain Shower Head With Extendable Arm

Some rain shower heads come with an extendable arm that lets you mold them any height you want so that you have comfortable showering beneath them.

If you have this type of rain shower head, you don’t need to worry about whatever height you’re installing it because the extendable will help set it to any height you want.

These rain shower heads accommodate the height of every individual.

Height of Your Ceiling

How high your ceilings are will determine how much size of pipe you will be using to set the shower head at the optimum height.

For example, if your ceilings are higher than normal, then you will end up using a longer pipe to install the shower head at the best height for the perfect showering experience. This way, you will spend more money on installation than usual.

Note: This factor only applies to ceiling-mounted rain shower heads.

Average Height For Rain Shower Head To Be Installed

If you’re still confused at what height should a rain shower head be mounted, we’ll figure this out together.

The rain shower heads are usually installed at a height of 84 inches to accommodate the showering needs of every individual. 

If your height is not higher than this, then you can install your rain shower head at its average height of 84 inches without worrying.

On the other hand, if you’re doing a complete remodel of your shower and bathroom or your whole house, you have the authority to choose the shower head height according to your preference without worrying about existing plumbing.

However, in this case, the best thing is to calculate the average height of every individual living at your home and then set the showerhead to its best height.

This way, everyone will enjoy the real dancing on rain showering experience from the rain shower heads.

Frequently Asked Questions

How high should a rain shower head be above your head?

A rain shower head should be installed at least 6 inches above your head to enjoy the perfect rain-pouring experience in your bathroom.

How high should a rain shower head be from the floor?

The rain shower head should be 84 to 96 inches high from the floor. The standard height is 84 inches, so this should be your first preference unless you’re not much taller.

What is the standard Grohe rain shower height?

The standard Grohe rain shower head height is 84 inches.

Wrapping It Up

Installing a rain shower head at an ideal height should be done keeping your height and needs in mind. For most people, the standard height of a rain shower head (84 inches) is best as it comfortably supports their needs.

If your height doesn’t match the average height of rain shower heads which is 84 inches, set it at least 6 inches above your head for the perfect showering experience.

I hope this article has helped you find the best installation height for your rain shower head. 

If it’s helpful to you in any way, don’t forget to sneak into other useful resources on my blog.

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