How To Fix a Shower Head That Sprays Everywhere (Solve It Now!)

A weird spraying shower head ruins the shower-taking experience and creates a huge mess around. It converts your bath lovely spending time into the worst nightmare.

If you’re going through the same problem with your showerhead, this guide will help solve this issue and save the money you would spend purchasing a new showerhead.

So without further ado, let’s learn how to fix a shower head that sprays everywhere.

But before we go down to details, here is a list of showerheads that won’t spray everywhere.

Why Is my showerhead spraying everywhere?

You must know the root problem first before getting straight toward the solution. So let’s get your eyes on this first!

Usually, showerheads spray inappropriately when the water is blown in the backward direction. The most common reason for that is “blockage of the shower head.” The blockage will be through the spray nozzles (the area from where the showerhead sprays water)

Over time, dirt, mineral buildup, and mold make their way in or outside the showerhead, disturbing the water-flowing mechanism. So, blockage, especially over nozzles, causes water to turn back, and as a result, the shower head can’t hold that pressure, so it starts flowing in weird directions.

Another reason is the damaged flow restrictor, which results in making the shower burst pressure all the way. The flow restrictors are designed to maintain the check and balance of the water coming out of the shower head. 

If it gets damaged, the water will come as equal to the force as it is coming from the source. So, if the water coming from the source is in high pressure, the reason could be the damaged flow restrictor that is not maintaining the flow.

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How Do You Fix a Shower Head That Sprays Everywhere?

You have to fix blockage over the spray nozzles to stop your shower head from spraying water like a weird angry guy. Cleaning is the best way to do that. I have explained some methods below to help you know how to clean shower head nozzles.

Using the Tooth Brush:

Grab the old toothbrush and use it for scrubbing the showerhead spray nozzles. It will clean all the impurities residing on the surface in no time. Once you think all the dirt particles have been removed, take the showerhead under the tap of running water to wash away all the impurities. 

Once you do this, your shower head spraying problem will be solved.

Using the Vinegar:

If the above method isn’t a big success and your shower head still has the same issue, you can use the vinegar method. For this, you have to gather some things like vinegar, a bowl, a scrubber, or an old toothbrush.

Take a bowl and fill it in half with the vinegar. Put the showerhead inside it and let it soak for 30 minutes. The vinegar will clean all the impurities and revive it back to its former glory. 

Remove the showerhead from the vinegar, and to make sure no impurities will remain on the surface, scrub the spray nozzles using an old toothbrush or a scrubber. Lastly, put the showerhead under the running stream of water for a while to wash away all the dirt particles.

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Changing the Flow restrictor:

In most cases, your showerhead spraying issue will be resolved after cleaning the spray nozzles, but If it’s not, the problem could be from the damaged flow restrictor.

If you can manually control the water pressure from the showerhead, replacing the damaged flow restrictor will not be necessary because you can maintain the water pressure according to your choice so that the showerhead handles it smoothly and does not spray it in weird directions.

Whereas, if it’s not under your control, then changing the flow restrictor is a must to solve the spraying issue of the shower head. You can remove and replace the flow restrictor by reading this guide. It is as easy as you can ever think of.


Mostly, the spraying problem occurs due to blockage of the spray nozzle that won’t let the water exert smoothly, resulting in putting it back in the backward direction. Cleaning the spray nozzle is the best way to restore your showerhead to its previous condition.

In the least cases, a flow restrictor might be the problem in letting the showerhead spray water everywhere. So, also check it out if the cleaning spray nozzles aren’t a big success.

I hope this article helps solve your shower head weird spraying problem. If yes, don’t forget to sneak into other useful resources of our blog.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them in the comment section; I would love to answer them.

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