How To Clean Shower Caddy In Minutes (Quick Steps)

Maintaining an organized shower is fantastic with the help of shower caddies. However, it’s crucial to keep them clean to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Even with regular cleaning, residue from lotions and other bath products can accumulate, making it necessary to clean the shower caddy more effectively.

But don’t worry; cleaning your shower caddy can be a breeze! This guide will explore some easy and quick steps to ensure your shower caddy stays spick and span. So, without further ado, let’s get started. 

How To Clean Shower Caddy Made of Different Materials 

A messy shower caddy doesn’t just look yucky; it can also make your soap and shower goodies go bad quicker than they should. The good news is that cleaning a shower caddy doesn’t have to be a tough or pricey job if you go about it the right way!

Below, we have discussed the cleaning methods of different types of shower caddies. You can follow the one that resonates with your type of showering.

First, we are going to talk about cleaning a plastic shower caddy.

How to Clean a Plastic Shower Caddy?

Plastic Shower Caddy

Keeping your plastic shower caddy in tip-top shape is a breeze, and you don’t need any fancy ingredients like vinegar or baking soda. With just a bit of mild soap and a trusty scrubber, you can have your plastic shower caddy looking brand new.

Let’s walk through the easy steps to make your plastic shower caddy sparkle

Clear the Shower Caddy

Start by taking out all the items from your shower caddy. Give your shampoo, conditioner, and other shower pals a little break while you work your cleaning magic.

Create A Soap Solution

This step involves mixing mild soap with water in a bucket or basin. It’s like creating a superhero solution for your cleaning mission. Grab a scrubber – think of it as your sidekick – and dip it into the soapy mix.


Apply the soapy mixture to your plastic shower caddy and give it a good scrub from all sides. The soap works its magic, banishing dirt without being harsh on your caddy’s surface. Don’t forget those nooks and crannies – they deserve some attention too!

Rinse and Repeat

Once you’ve conquered the dirt, rinse off your plastic shower caddy with clean water. Imagine it’s a refreshing shower for your caddy, washing away all the grime.

Dry Time

After the rinse, make sure to dry your shower caddy thoroughly. Just like you wouldn’t want wet socks, your plastic shower caddy doesn’t want any lingering moisture. This step prevents unwanted guests like mold from crashing the party in the future.

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How to Clean a Metal Shower Caddy?

Metal Shower Caddy

If you have a metal shower caddy, you know the struggle of keeping it in top-notch condition as it becomes the victim of rust so easily. However, cleaning a metal shower caddy might sound like a chore, but fear not – with these steps, it’s a quick process, and your caddy will shine like new in no time!

Let’s dive into the step-by-step guide.

Prep the Space

Begin by placing your metal shower caddy in an empty sink or bathtub. Give it some space to breathe while we work on its makeover.

Brush Away Residue

Take a soft brush and remove any stubborn residue that might have built up on the caddy’s surface. Think of it as giving your caddy a little spa treatment before the main event.

Vinegar and Baking Soda Soak

Create a powerful potion by adding 2-3 cups of vinegar and baking soda to the same empty sink or bathtub. Fill it with water and let your shower caddy take a relaxing soak for about 20 minutes. This dynamic duo will work their magic in breaking down any grime.

Baking Soda Paste Power

After the soak, take your shower caddy out and apply a baking soda paste. Simply mix baking soda with water to create a cleaning superhero. Now, you need to make use of a sponge with the solution and scrub it from all sides, ensuring no spot is left untouched.

Wipe Down and Admire

Finally, wipe down all surfaces with a piece of cloth. Once you do it, your metal shower caddy should look brand spanking new!

How to Clean a Rusty Shower Caddy?

Rusty Shower Caddy

Shower caddies that become the victim of rust and corrosion may sound hard to clean but the reality is that they can be easily restored to their formal condition in a few minutes.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to banish that pesky rust from shower caddy in no time:

Prepare the Surface

Start by taking your shower caddy out of its usual spot in the shower or bathtub. Give it a little vacation in a tub or sink – a temporary home for its makeover.

Vinegar Soak

Fill the tub or sink with 1.5 cups of vinegar. Let your rusty caddy soak in the vinegar bath for about 30 minutes. Ensure that every nook and cranny is submerged, preventing any parts from sticking out above the vinegar level. Think of it as giving your caddy a spa treatment.

Scrub-Away Rust

Once it has been soaked in vinegar, grab a scrubber and scrub off any lingering rust until your shower caddy is gleaming rust-free. Make sure to remove all residue hanging around as we want a clean slate for the next steps.

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Rinse and Shine:

Wash away any remaining vinegar with warm water. Now, here’s a nifty trick – apply car wax or another shiny wax to every inch of your caddy. Let it work its magic for 10 minutes. This superhero wax forms a protective shield, keeping rust at bay in the future.

Finishing Touch:

Grab a clean, soft cloth and wipe away any excess wax from your shower caddy’s surface. Watch it transform into a shiny, rust-free beauty once again.

How to Clean a Teak Shower Caddy?

Teak Shower Caddy

Cleaning a teak shower caddy, crafted from natural hardwood, is a breeze compared to other materials. You have the option of using commercial cleaners or whipping up a homemade cleaning mixture.

For a DIY approach, try a powerful mixture of 1 cup of ammonia and 1 cup of detergent plus vinegar mixed in 1 gallon of water. This blend is your go-to for stripping away stains and oils that may have settled on your teak shower caddy.

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Mix it Up

Combine 1 cup of ammonia and 1 cup of detergent plus vinegar in 1 gallon of water. Think of it as creating a superhero potion for your teak shower caddy.

Apply with Care

Take a brush and apply the mixture to your teak shower caddy. Ensure every inch gets some love. Let this potent mixture work its magic for about 20 minutes.

Rinse Away

After the waiting period, rinse off the mixture with warm water. Picture it as a refreshing shower for your teak shower caddy, washing away all the grime and stains.

But that’s not all – if you prefer a more natural touch, lemon juice can come to your rescue.

Lemon Juice Magic

Take water and lemon juice in the same quantity and mix them to create a cleaning solution. This citrusy blend is a natural powerhouse for cleaning teak shower caddies.

Sponge it On

Apply the lemon juice mixture to your shower caddy using a sponge or cloth. Let it sit and work its wonders for about 15 minutes.

Plain Water Rinse

After the wait, rinse off the lemony goodness with plain water. Your teak shower caddy is now refreshed and ready to add a touch of natural elegance to your shower routine.

How Do You Clean A Mesh Shower Caddy?

Mesh Shower Caddy

Cleaning your mesh shower caddy is a straightforward process, and you have a couple of options to choose from. You can either machine wash it, following the manufacturer’s guidelines, or opt for a manual cleaning method.

Here’s a breakdown of both methods:

Manual Cleaning of Mesh Caddy

Clear the Space

First, you need to remove all items from your mesh shower caddy. It’s like giving your shower essentials a brief break while you work on their cozy home.

Soak and Clean

Fill a sink with warm water and add a touch of detergent. Submerge your mesh shower caddy in the soapy solution and let it soak for a minimum of 15 minutes. This allows the soap to work its magic in breaking down any grime.

Rinse and Hand Wash

After the soak, rinse away all the soap, and if needed, wash your hands with warm water. Pat it dry with a towel, or let it air dry overnight for a refreshed feel.

Machine Washing A Mesh Shower Caddy

Prep for the Wash

If you have to machine wash your mesh shower caddy, make sure to use cold water on a delicate cycle, and choose a mild detergent for a gentle touch.

Hang to Dry

Once the machine has done its work, hang the mesh shower caddy to dry.

Extra TLC

Don’t forget the clean interior of your mesh shower caddy. Warm water, mild soap, and a soft cloth are the ideal companions for cleaning the inside structure. Just don’t use bleach as it reacts harshly on the mesh.

How Do You Clean A Bamboo Shower Caddy?

Bamboo Shower Caddy

Cleaning a bamboo shower caddy involves a unique strategy compared to cleaning plastic counterparts. To preserve its natural charm, you need to avoid the usage of abrasive or chemical-based methods.

Here’s a bamboo-friendly cleaning guide:

Gentle Soapy Clean

Start by steering clear of abrasives and chemicals. Instead, opt for a gentle approach. Use soapy water to clean your bamboo shower caddy thoroughly, employing a soft cloth for the task. It’s like giving your caddy a spa day without the harsh treatments.

Natural Shine Boost

To enhance the beauty of your bamboo shower caddy, apply a touch of olive oil or coconut oil. After that, Simply rub a small amount on the exterior and wipe it off with a dry cloth. This step adds a glossy finish, bringing out the natural allure of bamboo.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get the rust off a shower caddy?

To remove rust from a shower caddy, create a mixture of equal parts vinegar and baking soda. Apply the mixture to the rusty areas, scrub gently, and let it sit for 15-20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and dry the caddy to prevent future rusting.

How do you clean a bath caddy?

Cleaning a bath caddy is a piece of cake. First, you need to remove all items, wipe down surfaces with a mixture of mild soap and water, and use a soft brush for any stubborn spots. Once you do it, Rinse well and dry thoroughly, and your bath caddy will be ready to hold your essentials in a clean and organized manner!

Does the stainless steel shower caddy rust in the bathroom?

Stainless steel, while resistant to rust and corrosion, isn’t entirely immune. Regular cleaning is key to preventing rust on your stainless steel shower caddy. By maintaining a cleaning routine, you ensure that your shower caddy stays in top-notch condition, free from the grasp of rust, and your shower maintains its fresh and new look.

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