How To Keep Shower Caddy From Falling

A shower caddy is a great help in the bathroom to keep shower utensils organized and structured. Of course, you won’t like things to be thrown away all around your bathroom. It gives a messy look indeed!

However, even if you have a shower caddy the next problem is keeping it in its place because it falls frequently if not placed or installed correctly.

But not anymore, because this guide will unveil 6 proven ways to keep your shower caddy stuck to the wall like glue. But, first, let’s look at what causes your shower caddy falling on to your head while showering.

Why Does Your Shower Caddy Keep Falling Like An Angry Old Guy?

There are several reasons that support the cause of shower caddies frequently falling onto your head while showering. However, the most common one is a shower caddy not compatible with the current setting of the shower head.

As you know shower caddies are attached to shower heads, so if you bought one that is too loose to fit with the shower head then sorry mate you have to face repercussions. 

The second reason is the lack of friction. Metal shower heads are smooth which creates less friction, resulting in frequent slipping of the shower caddy.

Shower caddies have plastic protectors and suction cups that make them cling to the shower head like glue. Unfortunately, some shower caddies don’t have this comfort, so they easily slip and fall.

If you put more weight on the shower caddy than it can hold, this may also result in the falling of it. Besides, increased moisture in the shower is also one of the reasons that makes the shower caddy slippery, so it easily drops from the shower head.

5 Proven Ways To Keep Shower Caddy From Falling DIY?

Here are the 5 best ways you can use to keep the shower caddy intact to the shower head. You can choose the one that you find easy to implement on your shower caddy.

Suction Cups

Suction Cups

Suction cups keep the shower caddy clung to the wall like it’s a part of it. However, they may get loose and worn out over time which results in the frequent falling and slipping of shower caddy.

You need to replace suction cups with ones that have a good seal so they never try to hurt your head next time you head into the shower. It’s easy to change the suction cups of shower caddy and you can do it in a matter of minutes.

Using Hose Clamp

Metal Hose Clamp

I am sure you’re not new to hearing this word because hose clamps are often used on the hoses and pipes around the house, like the one attached to your air conditioner.

They can be easily found inside your house, but if not you can purchase them from the nearest hardware store. 

The point to be noted here is that hose clamps come in different sizes so be sure to purchase one that matches the size of the shower head neck. You can take measurements before heading on to purchase it.

To use this, attach a hose clamp to the base of your shower head and use it to keep the shower caddy intact to its place. Lastly, use a screwdriver to tighten the clamp to a point where it fits perfectly.

Using Zip Tie

Zip Tie

Zip ties are one of the easiest ways to nail the shower caddy to the wall and prevent it from falling. They are cheap and can be easily available around the house or else you can purchase it from the store.

To use it, you need to just slip it through the holes in your shower caddy, and pull it tight to fix it firmly with the shower head. It is recommended to use a strong and long enough zip tie so that it can hold your caddy in place.

Using Rubber Bands

Rubber Bands

It’s time to pull out those free rubber bands lying around your house. Rubber is the cheapest way to lock the shower caddy in place.

Attach a rubber band to each corner of the shower caddy and another one to the top of it. Once you have done it, wrap those rubber bands around a bar in your shower. This will help keep the shower caddy welded in place.

It is recommended to use rubber hands in good condition so that they won’t break easily because if one breaks then the whole shower caddy will come down to your head.

Using Command Hooks

Command Hooks

As the name suggests command hooks are used to hang things around the bathroom. It is made of plastic and it has a hook on one end to hang it up on the wall.

You can use the command hook to hang your shower caddy firmly to the wall so it won’t fall down easily. Installing a command hook on the wall is as simple as screwing a bulb in the holder.

All you need is to press the hook against the wall. Gently pull it away from the wall to find where the hook should go. Then, push the hook in and release it, so it sticks to the wall.

How To Keep Corner Shower Caddy From Falling?

To keep the corner shower caddy from falling, first, you need to check the tension poles. Make sure they’re applying enough pressure between the floor and ceiling for a snug fit. 

If not, consider using adhesive hooks or bathroom-specific wall-mounted brackets – these are built to keep your caddy securely in place.

Talking about suction cups of shower caddy, It’s imperative to keep them clean and grippy, and if they’re showing signs of wear, replace them. Be mindful not to overload your caddy with heavy items, as that can upset its balance. 

Adding a non-slip mat inside the caddy will prevent your items from slipping and sliding around. Lastly, give your corner caddy and its attachments a quick check every now and then to catch any wear and tear early. 

These steps will ensure your corner shower caddy remains firmly in place, maintaining a neat and accident-free shower experience.

FAQs Related To How To Keep Shower Caddy From Falling

How can I keep my shower caddy from slipping?

You can prevent your shower caddy from slipping by using methods like suction cups, rubber bands, or command hooks to secure it in place. These options provide stability and help keep your shower caddy from moving.

How do you secure a shower caddy with a zip tie?

Securing a shower caddy with a zip tie is a straightforward process. First, thread the zip tie through the holes in your shower caddy. Then, pull the zip tie tight, ensuring it’s firmly secured around the shower head. This method provides a stable attachment, preventing the caddy from slipping or falling, and it’s an easy and effective way to keep your shower caddy securely in place.

Where should I put my shower caddy?

The ideal placement for your shower caddy is within easy reach and out of the way of the showerhead’s water flow. Common spots include on the shower wall or over the shower door, ensuring your bath essentials are readily accessible without blocking your shower’s water supply.


By now you must have known how to make shower caddy stay suction and how to keep shower caddy from falling diy. The methods given in this article have been tried and tested by us so you can use them without having a second thought in mind.

Some more important points to consider:

  • If your bathroom walls have tiles, think about using caddies with suction cups. They’ll stick to the tiles, and if they ever lose their grip, you can swap them out for stronger ones.
  • Another way to go is by hanging the caddy from the ceiling. Just make sure it’s tough enough to handle all the stuff you want to put in it. Check the weight limit mentioned on the package to be sure it can handle the load.

I hope this article helps you find the answer you have been looking for. If you have queries, you can ask them below in the comment section.

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