Do Negative Ion Shower Heads Work? [A Deep Analysis]

Negative ion shower heads look like transparent plastic with different types of beads inside that function to smooth and remove chlorine and toxic chemicals from the water that crosses their way. That’s what their manufacturers claim and represent them to the world. 

But is this real? Do negative ion shower heads work?

To be straight, no evidence and certification have yet appeared to show that ionic shower heads work the same as their manufacturer’s claim. But, still, in some instances, they do really work to soften hard water at least a lot better than regular showerheads.

However, something is better than nothing. These showerheads may not be scientifically proven, but they still work as a light in the dark for those with sensitive skin and allergies.

Read on to learn how they work and their water-cleaning mechanism.

The Working Mechanism of Negative Ion Shower Head AKA Ionic Shower Head

The Ionic shower head is made of plastic and metal, with different kinds of beads or stones inside, each rendering a different function in softening hard water from dirt contaminants, chlorine, and other chemicals.

Let’s take a look at what kind of beads they have inside and how these work to purify water.

Anion beads: Consist of several precious minerals, easily absorbed by skin, making it more smooth.

Infrared Mineral Beads: Activate dead skin cells and promote blood circulation, delaying skin aging.

Energy Beads: They adjust the pH of the water to slightly basic, beneficial for your skin and health.

When the water passes through these ceramic stones, the ionization process starts taking place inside the shower head to make it smooth and soft, free of chemicals and chlorine. 

The whole cleaning process is done in a few seconds, the same as the time between opening the tap and water coming through it.

This purified water is highly beneficial for your skin and provides a comfortable shower, especially for people with skin problems.

It filters out pollutants and harmful contaminants from the water, just like water naturally filters through rocks.

So, if you’re aiming to purchase an ionic shower head, you can simply go for it without worrying about whether it will work as described or not. 

Think of it as having something better than nothing. At least these shower heads have a vision and effort to help people take soft water showers, especially for those living in hard water areas.

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What Are The Benefits Of Using An Ionic Shower Head?

There are many benefits of using ionic shower heads; some of the important ones are described below:

Improved Water Pressure:

Ionic showerheads are designed to ensure a high water flow rate through nozzles. Most of them come with 250 laser-cut nozzles that exert water like a rocket in the sky. 

No matter if your residence pipes have low water pressure, these showerheads never let you receive a low-flow shower.  

Purify Hard Water

Hard water that comes through the pipes contains chlorine, dirt contaminants, and toxic chemicals that can damage your hair and body when you use it, especially while showering. 

Negative Ion Shower heads contain different beads that run the ionization process to purify hard water and even make it drinkable. 

This purified water is extremely beneficial for skin, hair, and body health, especially for those with allergies and skin problems.


Ionic showerheads save up to 30% more water than regular showerheads. The high water pressure from nozzles lets the showerhead consume less water, saving more water than usual. 

Add Odor To Water

Some of the Ionic showerheads also add an aroma to the water that refreshes your nerves while showering. 

Usually, the ionic showerhead with a Vitamin C filter has the feature of leaving fragrance in the purified water that soothes your nerves while showering.

Are Negative Ion Shower Heads Worth Purchasing?

Ionic shower heads are the best value for money, considering their quality features and water purifying ability. They will combat water hardness to make it usable for you. 

Moreover, they’re lightweight and easy to clean and operate. You can thoroughly clean ionic showerheads by removing parts and replacing their stones or beads when they get dirty.

Operating them is easy and changing their water setting is simply a piece of cake; just a little push can make a difference. They also attract people’s attention and are a great addition to the bathroom.

Negative Ion Shower Heads are nothing more than a blessing for people with sensitive skin and allergies because hard water can increase their suffering. The ceramic beads will make every possible move to control water hardness to the minimum level.

How To Install an Ionic Shower Head?

Ionic showerheads are relatively easy to install compared to regular showerheads. All you need is to replace it with an existing showerhead.

It supports all types of shower plumbing systems; just attach it with the hose, connect the water source, and you’re good to go—no need to do anything fancy or out of the box, simple as you like.

Final Verdict

Ionic showerheads or negative ion showerheads are not scientifically proven that they really work the same as their manufacturers show them to the world. But, in some instances, they show some good results regarding the purification of water and decreasing its hardness. 

They’re a lot better than standard showerheads because of their vision of providing people with a safe and secure bath. I have done my best to provide the latest details of whether negative ion shower heads work. I hope you have the answer by now.

If you have any questions or concerns about this topic, you can ask them in the comment section; I would love to answer them. Until Next Time.

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